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Big Muddy Monster sightings set to increase after new statue unveiling

Look out for more appearances of the Big Muddy Monster in Southern Illinois. A crowd gathered at the junction of Routes 13 and 127 in Murphysboro this Saturday morning, all there to witness the unveiling of a new landmark dedicated to the Big Muddy Monster.

A majestic bronze statue standing at 8 feet, 8 inches and weighing nearly 800 pounds now represents the iconic creature. This unveiling comes exactly 50 years after the Murphysboro Police first probed the initial sighting of the Muddy Monster.

Murphysboro's Mayor, Will Stephens, is enthusiastic about the prospect of more individuals sighting their local monster. "We're reminded of Metropolis with Superman, Chester with Popeye, and the successful marketing campaigns connected to these characters and their communities," says Stephens. "We believe our situation is comparable, and where there's Bigfoot, there's big profit. We anticipate this statue to be a tourist attraction, attracting not just local folks, but individuals from all across the country."

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