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"Bigfoot Warning" Shared on Social Media by WYDOT District

When discussing potential threats from wildlife in Wyoming, one might immediately think of grizzly bears.

It's a common occurrence each summer for some Yellowstone tourists to be injured by bison. Usually, such unfortunate events happen when people attempt to photograph these wild creatures at a close range or partake in other risky behaviors. It's essential to remember that Yellowstone is a wild environment, not a petting zoo, contrary to what some visitors might mistakenly think.

Another wildlife danger that shouldn't be overlooked is the possibility of moose attacks, particularly if a mother moose is protecting her calf.

But what about the supposed threat of...Bigfoot? The reality of any danger from Sasquatch in the Cowboy State is left for you to ponder.

In a precautionary spirit, WYDOT District 5 in northwest Wyoming has shared a U.S. Forest Service warning sign from California about Bigfoot on their Facebook page.

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